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3 Blogs That Will Help You Reduce Your Student Debt Anxiety

Student debt can be a real blow to a graduate’s confidence, and it can also put an end (or long pause) to many post-graduation plans. But it is possible to reduce your debt, student or otherwise, and the blogs listed below prove it.

  1. Money After Graduation

Starting out in the professional world — or at least the work-world beyond university — can be pretty daunting when you’ve been focused on the life of a student for the past several years.

The responsibilities and financial realities can be drastically different, especially since many student loans require some form of payment almost immediately (sometimes interest-only payments for the first months, sometimes full payments).

Add to that the other responsibilities that may arise when you leave post-secondary, and the debt and payments can be shocking.

For Bridget Casey, Money After Graduation is a long-game approach to changing financial behaviours and paying down debt.

Ultimately she wants to build her own personal wealth, so Bridget’s posts mostly speak to young professionals who are like-minded, but might be having some trouble getting there.

Bridget helps you look beyond the immediate pressures of student debt so you can decide what your ideal financial future might look like. From there, she helps you build a roadmap to get to your goals.

  1. Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Krystal Yee’s blogging style is interesting, because she takes you along on a detailed ride through her own attempts, hurdles and successes as she focuses on paying down her student debt.

Her own experiences with millennial debt and credit card debt are relatable, and she’s very honest about her struggles.

And coming out of the holiday season, your finances might be even more pinched than usual, adding to your own struggle.

Krystal is also very detailed. You can review her spreadsheets and her explanations for why some “financial experiments” worked or didn’t work for her that month, quarter or year. It’s sort of like troubleshooting with a friend, and doing it in real time so you can see your own results as she posts hers.

  1. Dear Debt

Melanie Lockert is an American, hailing from Los Angeles, California. But her journey and her style are worth exploring for anyone struggling with the anxiety, fear or depression that debt can bring.

Melanie paid off $81,000 in student debt. That’s no small accomplishment.

But in many ways, the real benefit of Melanie’s blog is the mental health aspect. She’s honest about her personal struggles with mental health and how her debt and professional experience (or lack thereof at times) affected her mental health.

Being in debt and struggling to find your financial footing can be scary. Melanie Lockert has created a blog journal speaking about her experiences, and created a community to allow other people to discuss their struggles, too.

If you’re anxious to reduce your debt, you aren’t alone. Check out these blogs to keep your own expectations in check, and your mental wellness at its best, while you identify your goals and make progress towards a debt-free life.

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